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Service Promise

Service Promise

Huaxin keeps two beliefs towards the clients: first, we believe why Huaxin can keep a foothold is because it can satisfy clients’ real need. Second, we think only if everyone in the company actively takes part in it and makes efforts for it can clients’ need be completely satisfied.


Our fundamental objective is to establish a long and active relationship with clients, which is based on mutual respect and mutual openness, giving consistent, considerate and effective guarantee to clients’ need and interests. Sincere commitment provides them with the most useful products and service with high quality and excellent price.


In order to win clients, besides continuously improving product quality to guarantee super quality and competitive price, we attach more importance to the products’ before-sale service, in-sale service and after-sale service; as a result, we require our sales staff, technicians, agents and cooperative partners in other aspects to decide together on how to appropriately and effectively satisfy clients’ demand. Our “client service center” is willing to help clients solve problems each day throughout a year; besides, through practical questions in the feedback from clients, we can continuously improve quality and service of the products.