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LANXESS Unveils New Polyamide 66 for Pipes in the Engine Compartment

LANXESS Unveils New Polyamide 66 for Pipes in the Engine Compartment

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2010/06/17 17:27
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  Gas and water injection technology (GIT/WIT) are established processes for manufacturing pipes used in vehicle engine compartments. LANXESS has now added Durethan TP 424-009 (to be known in the future as Durethan AKV 30 G HR DUS 023) to its product portfolio for these processes and this application segment. The process-optimized polyamide 66 is ideal for hollow parts that have large pipe cross-sections and complex geometries with branches, flattened cross-sections and large angles. “We have optimized its rheological properties and the melt’s setting behavior to ensure that no small wrinkles or grooves form on the outer surface of parts. In the worst-case scenario, these can cause leaks,” explains Günter Margraf, Product Developer at LANXESS. This material has already been used to manufacture series components using GIT and WIT. Potential applications include parts such as oil dip sticks pipes, coolant pipes and fuel lines/manifolds.

  The hydrolysis-stabilized material includes 30 percent by weight of a special glass fiber reinforcement and an additive component specifically geared to the demands of the WIT/GIT process. This produces smoother inner surfaces on components than comparable polyamide 66 systems with standard glass fiber reinforcement and additives. “Our customers benefit from the fact that LANXESS is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of glass fibers and can therefore develop glass-fiber formulations that are tailor-made for its products,” notes Margraf.

  The new thermoplastic demonstrates excellent melt displacement properties with both water (WIT) and gas (GIT). A further strength of the polyamide 66 is that it is easy to recycle. The excess melt expelled into overflow cavities can be regranulated and recycled by being either fed back into the process with virgin material or used to make other components without significantly affecting its mechanical properties.

  Practical customer service
  LANXESS helps its customers by providing a comprehensive service at all stages in the manufacture of hollow parts made of polyamide. This includes customer-specific material developments and support with component design based on CAE simulations. The Technical Service Center at the Dormagen site has injection molding machines equipped with auxiliary units for WIT and GIT. “Using our partners’ standard molds, we can optimize materials and processes on these units,” explains Margraf. LANXESS also offers numerous tests designed to meet customer standards for blow-molded parts used in engine compartments. These include pendulum impact, vibration, burst pressure, threshold pressure, thermal ageing and media storage tests.

  LANXESS ( is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 5.06 billion in 2009 and currently around 14,300 employees in 23 countries. The company is represented at 42 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals.




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