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HuaXin Tiger Hosted Ground-Breaking Ceremony for New Hubei Manufacturing Plant

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 June: Ground-breaking ceremony of the new HuaXin Tiger Co’s manufacturing plant was

hosted today in Dasheng Guanshan industrial park in Huangmei county of Hubei province.

Haoming Wang (deputy mayor of Huanggang city), Jilang Gui (deputy secretary – general of

city Party committee), Yanjun Huang (deputy secretary – general of municipal government),

Hanbin Zhan (deputy director-general of municipal water conservancy bureau), Haitao Wu

(secretary of county Party committee), Jiantang Xu (county clerk), Xinqun Zhou (deputy

secretary of county Party committee), Jianzheng Zhang (secretary of county People's

Congress), Ruicheng Dong (deputy county clerk), Gaoping Jiang (director of county economic

development zone), Shanxin Tao (director-general of county water conservancy bureau), Jie

Li (Chairman of Huaxin Plastic), Kegang Dong (director-general of Huaxin plastic) etc

attended this ceremony. Haoming Huang (deputy mayor of Huanggang city), Xinqun Zhou (deputy

secretary of county Party committee), and Jie Li (Chairman of Huaxin Plastic) gave speeches

during the ceremony.               

        Hubei Tiger Plastic Company is located in Dasheng Guanshan Industrial park of Huangbei

County in Hubei province. The new manufacturing plant covers approximately 150,000 square

meters in size, with registered investment of more than 80 million RMB (equivalent of 12

million US dollars). This company dedicates in plastic pipe R&D, manufacturing and sales.

Total investment in Phase I development reaches 243 Chinese RMB (equivalent of 36.5 million

US dollars). After the project is completed, this new manufacturing plant can reach a total

annul output of 727 million RMB (equivalent of 109.5 million US dollars).


The project includes 2 new workshops, 106 production lines. Once the project is completed,

the manufacturing plant will be able to produce 400,000 tons of PVC-M high-impact pipes and

pipe units, 400,000 tons of PVC-U plastic pipes and pipe units, 30,000 tons of PP-R and

HDPE pipes and pipe units, 20,000 tons of steel band reinforced HDPE spiral corrugated

pipes, 10,000 tons of PP sewage pipes. The new manufacturing plant will produce

approximately 72.65 million RMB of total revenue once the project is completed.

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