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Petroquim expected to restart PP random production in 2011

Number of visits: Date:2010-09-28 14:24


Chilean polypropylene producer Petroquim reported they should restart random grade

production next year.

"At the moment we are producing what is most necessary such as homos and co-polymer to

attend the domestic market, and we decided to restart the random grade maybe at the

beginning of next year," said the company's source.

In September, polypropylene offers had an offer price increase of $50/mt over August, and

the prices were heard at $1,550-1,650/mt CIF for homo raffia, injection and film and at

$1,650-1,750/mt CIF for co-polymers.

For October, the offers to the Chilean domestic market should have another increase, added

the source.

Petroquim's 100,000 mt/year polypropylene plant in Concepcion, Chile had declared force

majeure on February 27, 2010 due to the massive earthquake that hit the country at that


Petroquim restarted operations in July after being out of service for more than four months

following the earthquake.

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