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Survival of the fittest for Colour Tone team

Number of visits: Date:2010-10-14 15:25


Caerphilly-based Colour Tone Masterbatch entered a team into this year’s Survival of the

Fittest  2010 - Tri Nations Challenge. Events were staged in England, Scotland and Wales on 3


The Colour Tone team competed in the Cardiff leg where its members attacked a 10km urban

assault course that featured 10 testing trials including a hay bale wall, heavy lifting at

the Men’s Health at Work construction site, a crawl through tractor tyres, a stadium climb

and an unforgiving 8ft high wall on the finishing straight.

The course was due to take in a river crossing but adverse weather conditions rendered this

too dangerous to attempt. However, the nice organisers kindly arranged for the South Wales

Fire Service to deliver a couple of extra soakings.

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