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Lexus CT 200h features world's first use of bio-PET; a breakthrough ecological plastic

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If you glance at the luggage compartment of the Lexus CT 200h, nothing looks out of the

ordinary. Truth is,
      Toyota hopes that even a drawn-out stare reveals only a familiar sight. Despite this,

there's something inside that sets the Lexus' luggage compartment apart from any other

vehicle in the world, and its called bio-PET. Toyota has developed a plant-based, low-

carbon bioplastic derived from sugar cane. The company calls the stuff bio-PET Ecological

Plastic and it lines the CT 200h's luggage compartment. The material is claimed to be more

heat-, shrink- and wear-resistant than corn- or petroleum-based products and more durable

as well.

Toyota plans to introduce a model in which its Ecological Plastic covers 80 percent of the

interior surfaces by 2011. Bio-PET can be fashioned into just about anything, including

upholstery, carpet, headliners, door panels and more. The low-carbon plastic is similar to

conventional polyethelyne terephthalate (PET), but while regular PET is made with up to 30

percent monoethylene glycol, bio-PET uses none. Instead, it relies on the closely guarded

sugar cane-derived compound.






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