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Grand Opening of Huaxin Tiger XiangFan Marketing & Sales Centre

Number of visits: Date:2010-07-22 08:44


15th July, another HuaXin Tiger marketing & sales centre opened in XiangFan.


In order to market the HuaXin Tiger brands more extensively, and provide better services to

nationwide distributors and consumers, HuaXin decided to develop a marketing centre in

Xiangyang, which provides after sales services as well as direct retailing and product

exhibition. The new HuaXin Tiger XiangFan marketing & sales centre can also demonstrates

connotation of our brand.


The opening of HuaXin Tiger XiangYang marketing & sales centre marks another milestone in

Huaxin Tiger’s road of development. HuaXin Tiger is riding on the momentum, advancing with

strength and power, continuously developing towards the direction of systematization and

brand penetration.

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