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American Plastics will create 50 jobs

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American Plastic Molding Corp., a manufacturer of plastic injection molded assemblies, announced Friday it will expand itsoperations in Scottsburg, creating up to 50 new jobs by 2013.

The company, which makes assemblies for the home and office, automotive and agriculture industries, among others, will invest more than $1.5 million to lease and equip additional space near its current facility to introduce new product lines.

American Plastic Molding plans to add new manufacturing capabilities for automotive speakers and a sinus cleansing device as part of the project.

"American Plastic Molding Corp. is a longtime contributor to the Indiana economy and we appreciate that they will be growing in their home community," said Mitch Roob, secretary of commerce and chief executive officer of the Indiana Economic

Development Corp. "We look forward to working with this company as they create new opportunities in Scottsburg."

American Plastic Molding, which employs more than 100 people in Scottsburg, plans to continue hiring manufacturing workers as new production space is identified. Production of the sinus cleansing device has already begun, with the automotive speaker components to start in July.

"Both of the newest customers indicated that our prices were slightly higher than from China and Mexico. However, they know that the delivery, quality and consistency are better from American Plastic. Many of the new projects had been produced in Mexico," said Floyd Coates, president of American Plastic.

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