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BASF targets Eastern European polyurethane market

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BASF has formally opened its latest polyurethane system house in Eastern Europe in the

Polish town of Srem, near Poznan.

Constructed on a two hectare site, the facility will develop and manufacture PU for a wide

range of industries although its customers will come predominantly from the construction,

cooling appliances and automotive sectors.

“Our investment in Srem emphasises the significance of this region for BASF. It shows our

customers that we are prepared to accompany their growth in all regions of the world and

that we want to be their preferred partner,” said BASF Polyurethanes president Wayne


“This is a further step towards the continuous expansion of our leading position in the

polyurethane market. Our global network of 38 system houses together with our production

sites for the main precursors, have made us the only PU manufacturer who can reliably

provide its customers around the globe with locally manufactured products.”

The Srem plant, which features a facade constructed using the latest generation of PU

sandwich elements, was built along with a BASF construction chemicals plant, the group


In its continuing bid to supply the growing PU markets of Central and Eastern Europe, BASF

launched a PU systems house in Bratislava, Slovakia in December last year.
















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