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Sale personals gathered for seminar and discussion

Number of visits: Date:2010-07-07 15:06


End of June: part of company’s expatriate sales force gathered in the company for 2 days

of seminars.


      During this gathering, our sales force participated in seminars and discussions arranged by

the company. Issues related to field constructions have been illustrated and explained to

the sales by the professionals during the seminars, and they have also joined the following

discussions. With this training experience, operational capability of our sales force has

been improved. This also improved the competence and integrity of our sales personal.

Furthermore, company also invited senior counsel Mr. Yang to the seminar to explain legal

issues related to field contract and problems to look for before signing. This seminar

enforced the legal consciousness of our sales, and it is also very helpful and supportive

for our expatriates. In the following discussion session, our sales did not only share

their professional experience with each other, but they also talked about subjects related

to their work and personal lives. They discussion was active and relaxing. Nonetheless, all

our sales said it was a valuable training experience.

        This meeting promoted communication and personal relationships between our sales. It is

also a good chance for company to know the needs of our expatriates. This gathering also

lifted the spirit of our team, encouraged ambitious drive and initiative of our employees,

and developed the cohesiveness and integrity in our cooperation.

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