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Sabic opens Ultem plant in Spain

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Sabic Innovative Plastics has opened a new plant making Ultem-brand polyetherimide resin in

Cartagena, Spain.
      The plant – the second global Ultem production site – represents an investment of €300m

for US-based Sabic IP. It will primarily make Ultem base resin, but also will be able to

produce Extem-brand polyimides, officials said in a news release issued 23 September, the

day of the plant’s ribbon-cutting.

Ultem resins made in Cartagena will be used in a wide variety of applications including LED

lighting, aerospace interiors and alternative energy equipment.

“Our commitment to innovation through new product technologies is stronger than ever,”

Sabic IP President and CEO Charlie Crew said in the release. “This new facility

demonstrates the significant investments we at Sabic Innovative Plastics are making to

better serve our customers with material solutions to help them innovate and grow.”

Sabic IP ranks as one of the world’s largest producers of engineering resins and


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