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New Goal, New Challenge, and New Logo of HuaXin Plastic Co.

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Shandong HuaXin Plastic Co. is located in the largest plastic industrial park in Shandong - Yanlou Industrial Park of Yanggu. Founded in 2003, our company now manages a manufacturing plant of approximately 1 million square meters in size, with total investment of 0.9 billion Chinese Yuan. HuaXin grows significantly over the last couple of years thanks to our advanced business concepts and efficient management system. Our company now has over 30 subsidiary offices and sales network throughout China.
Our management started to reassess and redefine the connotation of our brand as our business develops steadily, especially with our recent approach in international trade. We decided to redesign our trademark in order to achieve two objectives. First, a new trademark is needed to clarify the values behind our brand and the vision we pursuit, it is also a necessary requirement of our company’s development. Secondly, the new trademark will promote market penetration of our brand. 

 Previous logo

New logo      


We wanted to create a lasting impression with our new logo, so we designed our logo to be both neat and concise, and chose a color theme that is modern and graceful. The circle in the outer layer of the logo represents perfection, integrity, solidarity and creativity within our cooperative spirit! The inner layer of our logo mimics the shape of a roaring tiger, which represents our strength and courage, as well as our ambition to be the King in the plastic pipe industry! We chose a bold but neat font in our design, because we want to express the weight of quality and trust to our brand, the significance of unity in our cooperative spirit, as well as the importance of collaboration with our partners.
Application of this new trademark will be a milestone in the history of HuaXin’s Growth with strategic meanings. From the creation of HuaXin, to a rising brand, and then to today’s significance in the industry, every steps we takes in the last seven years should give credit to the creativity and effort of every HuaXin co-workers. Our trademark is not just a logo, but it should also resemble the quality we cherish, the promise we hold, and the integrity we value. However, our brand can only be recognized by the society with the appreciation of our products and services by our customers. Therefore, HuaXin will continue to provide products and services with excellent quality and great value to our customers!   

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