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China Liansu now listed in Hong Kong's Stock Exchange

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China Liansu Group Holdings Limited ("China Liansu"), together with its subsidiaries, a leading manufacturer of plastic pipes and pipe fittings in China,is now listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

China Liansu is the largest manufacturer of plastic pipes and pipe fittings in China and has strong research and development capabilities, offering a comprehensive range of plastic pipes and pipe fittings in the industry, covering over 70 series and over 7,000 specifications. China Liansu's products are widely applied to seven major areas, consisting of water supply,drainage, power supply and telecommunications, gas supply, agriculture, floor heating and fire-fighting. Headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong Province, the Company has strategically located its production facilities across China and has established nationwide sales networks.

Looking ahead, Mr Wong Luen Hei, Chairman, Executive Director and Founder of the Company, said, "As a market leader, we will continue to expand our market share by increasing our production scale and enhancing our marketing efforts, to refine our product portfolio and improve our production efficiency through our research and development capabilities, to strengthen our brand recognition and to recruit, attract and retain talents experienced in management, technology, sales and marketing, with an objective to create the optimal returns to our investors."

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