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Summer sales and promotional gifts

Number of visits: Date:2010-07-01 08:53


Summer is here! Shandong Huaxin plastic invites you to join our “summer sales and

promotional gifts” promotional event. Starting today, gifts will be given to our loyal

wholesaler with pipe purchases.

     Area: all major domestic cities

     Gifts: shirts


1. Only wholesalers will benefit from this promotional sales event, company designated

project managers or end-users will not be included.

2. One gift per ton of pipes will be given to wholesalers, one gift per ton of products,

round down towards the nearest whole ton (5.999 tons will still be counted toward 5 tons)

     3. Gifts will be given each time you purchase; previous purchases cannot be accumulated

towards gifts redemption.

     4. 1000 pieces of gifts are prepared, this event holds valid whilst stocks last. 

     Purchases of all models of our pipe products will be included in this event. So all our

customers may benefit from this event! Please note only a limited number of gifts are  

prepared, first come first reserve, sales end when all the gifts are given!

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